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Linke Animal Welfare Trust

The Linke Animal Welfare Trust was established as a living open trust by Michael and Mardi Linke. The idea behind the trust was to establish a lasting stream of income for animals in need.

About Us

Anyone can contribute to the trust, which is a charitable trust account within the Capital Region Community Foundation, GreaterGood administered by The Public Trustee for the ACT.

You can donate directly online here.

Income from the trust will be distributed annually to Animals Australia while Michael and Mardi are alive. After they pass away, income will continue to be distributed to Animals Australia, however the trust will then benefit from the estate of Michael and Mardi which will dramatically increase distributions to Animals Australia and act as a lasting gift to animals in need. You can support the trust also by giving at any time.

Michael and Mardi are creators of the trust and the Public Trustee for the ACT is the trustee.

To ensure appropriate governance and management, the trust is wholly administered within GreaterGood.